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Denton Center Barrel Troffer PoE Lights - 2x2 ft (4000k)

SKU LTG-TR-2-2-4

PoE Texas provides a variety of LED troffers specifically tested and supported by many PoE drivers including the DENT-LINC device. As part of a PoE control system, they may also qualify for additional rebates on specific projects.

This family of LED Troffers comes in two sizes, 2x2, 2x4 to fit in most ceiling grid applications. Given its 1.8” thickness it can fit in low profile applications. These fixtures are an ideal option for retrofit of legacy fixtures and are considered class II devices, which reduces installation and material costs (ex conduit) considerably. Each fixture can be individually controlled using the Denton Building Intelligence platform as well as many other PoE platforms.

  • 2’ and 4’ length options
  • Dimming fidelity > 1% precision
  • Low voltage PoE CC driver interface
  • CRI Ra > 80
  • 125 lm/watt performance
  • 112 deg beam angle
  • Low voltage - Class 2
  • Up to 70% savings with PoE controls
  • 5 yr. warranty (longer options available)
  • Upper power level programmable in software



Power (W)

Luminous Flux



Up to 35 W

4375 lm



Up to 50 W

6250 lm


Online Product Manual

Product Specifications

Dimensions 100 x 100 x 26 mm
Input Voltage Range 36 - 42 VDC
Lumens 900+
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 40 C
Weight 146 grams


Ask a Question
  • Can you use a poe injector to power these units?

    An 802.3bt rated injector would be compatible to power the light through a driver such as the DENT-LINC.