Product Specifications

Cable connectors Male RJ45; Male 1.35 x 3.5 mm DC
Data + PoE Ports 1 (input)
Data Rate 10/100
DC connector 1.35mm male (power out)
Dimensions 2 x 1.5 x 1 in.
Input Voltage Range 10 - 30 Volts
Max. Amps Per Port 2
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 60°C
Output Voltage 5 volts
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)
PoE Standard N/A
Power Input Female RJ45
Weight 1 oz
  • I was looking to get a splitter so I could use my POE switch to power my Amcrest Camera. The first splitter I looked at had a longer 5v connector than what the camera uses. Do you have a recommendation for splitters?

    Feel free to send us the exact model of the Amcrest camera you are powering up so we can check its power specifications. 99% of 5volt cameras will work with WS-POE-5V10W, as the barrel size is a traditional 5 volt size of 1.35mm-3.5mm. 

  • Is it possible to install one of these WS-POE-5v10w inside an electrical box and route the eth/pwr cables through a hole in a wall plate? I just want to make sure that there not any kind of safety or technical reason why I couldn't.

    You can certainly mount these into an electrical box. 

    The only thing to note is the operating temperature of 60 C or 140 F.  That may seem like a lot, but, if the box is not vented, in direct sunlight, and in a place where temperatures outside can get to +100F, you could see that temperature inside an enclosed box.

  • Will this survive in a northern Michigan uninsulated attic? I'm looking to power a TV signal booster.

    This product will support temperature ranges -10 to 60°C. I'm not familiar with how hot it can get in the summer in Michigan but as long as the temperature is under 140 degree's F this should be just fine in your attic.

  • Will this power a Raspberry Pi 3b+ from a Ubiquiti ER-X SFP?

    No, the POE-5v10w splitter will not provide the gigabit data rate needed for your Raspberry Pi 3B+. Our GAF-MicroUSB splitter will provide the 5 volts, 10 watts needed on the microUSB connections. However, this splitter needs an input voltage of 44-56V PoE but the Ubiquiti ER-X SFT is powered with 24 volts.  You can use our GPOE-48v10w to step up the 24 volts from your router and provide the 48 volts needed for the GAF-MicroUSB. 

  • Can this power 2 5v devices if total watt draw is less then 10

    No, this is intended to power one, 5 volt device. Power output is on the male DC connection. Data out is on the male RJ45. 

  • Is this splitter isolated?

    Yes, this splitter is isolated.