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2-Port Gigabit Mode B PoE Injector without Power Supply

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Unique design adds power to two Ethernet lines. Save big on network upgrades and device installations. Power two IP cameras, desktop phones, WiFi access points, or other low voltage devices and a remote LAN radio using this two port Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector.

Product Features:

  • Deliver power to two PoE devices with one unit - Unique design adds power to two Ethernet lines from a single DC source.
  • Use to deliver PoE power to IP security cameras, phones, wireless access points and other devices that accept passive 802.3af or PoE+
  • Passive "Always On" PoE power delivery for reliable throughput
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Data Capability
  • Mode B power delivery on pins 4,5+ / 7,8-
  • Compatible with 12-56v DC Power supply (sold separately)

Simple, Reliable, and Supported By Experts. We design our Power over Ethernet Injectors for simple installation and long life, but sometimes things go wrong. When that happens, expert help is only a phone call away. All of our PoE products are backed with a 1-year replacement warranty and 30-day “no questions asked” return policy.

Product Specifications

Data + PoE Ports 1
Data Ports 1
Data Rate Gigabit
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 2 in.
Input Voltage Range 12 - 56v DC
Max. Amps Per Port 650 mA
Mount Type Wall
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)
Power Input 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC
Power Supplies None
Weight 1 oz


Ask a Question
  • How do you filter out power from data at the receiving end?

    As long as you're power is on the Mode B pins (4,5 and 7,8), simply plug the PoE cable into the PoE port. The LED light will come on and the DC barrel will have the power. The Mode A pins (1,2 and 3,6) will pass through unchanged, so if you have power on them, they will still have power. If you need to filter out power on both Mode A and B pins, we recommend out WT-GPOE-1-AB.

  • This says it\'s mode b, but just 2 pairs carry power. Isn\'t this a mode a device?

    Gigabit data requires all 4 pairs. Power can be supplied on either Mode A or Mode B sets of pairs using a coupling transformer. This device has the coupling transformer on the mode B pairs. We have Mode A devices too, but this one is a mode B. For example, all Mikrotik and UBNT gigabit devices require mode B. All other devices that support gigabit Ethernet that we have seen accept either mode A or mode B power. So this device is gigabit and is mode B - the two are not conflict

  • Can I input a lower DC voltage? My device is very voltage sensitive (not strictly PoE complaint) and I want to drive the PoE with 6 volts.

    No, this injector is not compatible with an input of 6 volts. The input power range for the GPOE-2B is 12-57 volts.