Power Over Ethernet for Solar and 24 Regulated 24 Volt Passive: GPOE 24v10w

by Thomas Ruggiero on December 22, 2021
Having the correct volts for your Power Over Ethernet device is essential to the performance and long term life of any Powered Device such as an IP camera or WiFi radio. If you have an unregulated power source, the GPOE-24v10w will deliver a regulated 24 volt POE with a gigabit data rate. Perhaps you’re using a battery power source, such as a solar system, for your devices. Even the best batteries will range from 12 to 30 volts. A regulated power conversion means your POE device will receive a constant 24 volt power up to 10 watts. This flexible inline power converter delivers the power you need from a wide range of input power. For more details on the product and a wiring diagram, visit our online manual at www.poetexas.com/pages/POE-technical-gpoe-24v10w

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