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Power Over Ethernet Solutions

Over 150 Products Designed to Integrate with Existing Network Technology

Power Over Ethernet for Internet Service Providers

Learn more about our power over ethernet solutions for ISPs

Power Over Ethernet for Office and Business

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Power Over Ethernet Automation

Lighting, blinds, audio visual, security, and controls... all on one cable

PoE for Tablets & Displays

Convert Power over Ethernet to USB Type-C Tablets and Displays

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Power an iPad Pro, Surface Go, Pixel & Samsung Tab Over Ethernet


The parts I have gotten from them have met my need very well. They were also very helpful and upfront with me about part availability when the parts I needed were out of stock.

Sean Owen

Steven is great. Best customer service. My order was sent to wrong address. Steven had it replaced right away.

Keyur Patel

Had a question on Saturday and had my answer in 10 minutes! Such stellar customer service and products!!! Thank you for taking care of me and my customers!

Murrel Gray

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  • A bold question, "Was Edison Right and Tesla Wrong?"
    February 14, 2023

    A bold question, "Was Edison Right and Tesla Wrong?"

    The fight over the standard AC/DC current was thought to be settled long ago when Tesla respectfully tore up his patent for the people and allowed Westinghouse to pull in new investors that ultimately saves the company, but with innovation comes growth and reflection. Thanks to the progression of technology since Tesla's time, DC powered projects have proven that this old form of electricity is significantly less expensive and provides more flexibility for the innovative consumer and their smart building needs. There is a current push to reduce carbon emissions in buildings and there has been little discussion on using low voltage buildings. This talk aims to raise the conversation and get traction on the benefits of Low Voltage buildings and it's applications in smart building market.
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