Send USB-C Power + Wired Ethernet to Your Microsoft Surface Go 2 Using PoE

by Thomas Ruggiero on January 13, 2022
It's almost been a year since we released the GAT-USBC-PD so we thought we'd revisit it for a new demo. Microsoft released the Surface Go2 and that's compatible with our GAT-USBC-PD, too! You can now convert 802.3at PoE into USB Type C power with wired data for a Microsoft Surface Go/Go2. Convert your tablet into a conference room scheduler, time clock, AV display, POS station, and more while it receives constant power and wired data. Online Manual: Using a Cisco Enterprise switch? Check out these helpful configurations: BT-1-55v60w: LinkedIn: Instagram: @PoETexas Twitter: @PoETexas Facebook: Amazon Posts:

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