8 Port Active Gigabit Mode A PoE Injector with 56 Volt 120 Watt Power Supply

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Product Specifications

Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, UL (power supply)
Data + PoE Ports 8
Data Ports 8
Data Rate Gigabit
Dimensions 7 x 2.5 x 1 in.
Max Amps Per Kit 2 Amps
Max Power for Kit 120 Watts
Max. Amps Per Port 650 mA
Mount Type Wall
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
Output Voltage 56 volts
PoE Method Active
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode A (-1,2 +3,6)
PoE Standard 802.3at
Power Input 2.1 mm DC and Phoenix Connector 1840382
Power Supplies PS-56v120w
  • Will the power draw by this unit scale with the number of ports in use? So .. if I buy the 8-port variant instead of 4-port, but don't use the extra 4 ports yet, will the power actually used be roughly the same?

    The amount of wattage consumed is determined by the device. For example, if your device consumes 30 watts each x 4 devices (120watts), you could select 4 ports or 8 ports. The WT-AT-8 offers a pheonix connector, the WT-AT-4 does not. If you would like extra ports to expand you can always purchase a larger wattage power supply to use with this PoE injector. Just keep in mind that our ports are limited to a .650 Amp power draw. If you have more questions feel free to call us 512-479-0317 or email service@poetexas.com

  • I know your multiport POE injectors support standard POE, however do you have any that support POE+? We have a new camera system in which some cameras are POE and a couple are POE+. Do you have something that will support both?

    Since you're looking at the WT-AT-8, you're looking at the right product.  It can support both PoE and PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at).  So this one will work for your application. 

  • What is the PF on your Power supply? Can you also supply hardwire 48vdc to this unit?

    The line regulation is .5% and the load regulation is 1% (both + or -).  Yes, you can hardwire a power supply to the AT-8 injector via the 4 pin female Phoenix Connector.  If you are looking to double the power supply, we do recommend that you use the same voltage and wattage for proper load balancing.

  • Can this Model(WT-AT-8-56V120W) power AT and AF devices simultaneously? I need help identifying a model that will power and data a Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini and a PTZOptics PT12X-NDI-ZCAM. Thank you!

    Yes, our 802.3at injectors will provide data to devices that are either 802.3af or 802.at and can do so simultaneously.

  • Will these work for Ubiquity AirFiber AF-5 https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/airfiber/airFiber_DS.pdf

    Thank you for your inquiry, we are sending a response to you from Service@poetexas.com in an additional thread providing more information about making Ubiquiti AF PoE. 

  • Can this be used to power a Ubiquity unifi AC LR (https://store.ubnt.com/collections/wireless/products/unifi-ac-lr) as well as a mix of 802.3at and 802.3af devices?

    I would recommend WT-AT-8-48V120W to be compatible with both 802.3af and 802.3at devices, since 802.3af is not compatible with 56 volts and WT-AT-8-56V120W.