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Single Port Gigabit Mode A/B Passive PoE Injector (Power Supply Not Included)

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Low cost solution for 4 Pair PoE. Instantly upgrade your infrastructure to support one 60 watt high powered device when used with the included Y-Cable and a 48 volt 60 watt power supply. This method allows power to be combined with 10/100/1000 networks and supports both 802.3af and 802.3at with "always on" passive power.

Power an IP camera, desktop phone, WiFi access point, or other low voltage device through a network data cable using this Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector. A Passive PoE injector always delivers the same voltage as its power source. Pair this injector with a 48 volt DC power supply to power devices labeled “802.3af,” or you can use a 24 volt DC power supply to power 24-volt passive PoE devices like Access Points from Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, and many more.

Dual Use Purpose - Doubles as a PoE Splitter. Alternatively, use this product as a PoE splitter to divide power and data. Simply input PoE into the RJ45 port and power and data will automatically be "split" on to the LAN port and the 2.1mm DC barrel.

Product Features:

  • Instantly upgrades your network to PoE for one device
  • Use to deliver PoE power to IP security cameras, phones, wireless access points and other devices that accept passive 802.3af or PoE+
  • Offers 4 Pair PoE (4PPoE) when used with the included Y-Cable
  • Passive "Always On" PoE power delivery for reliable throughput
  • Mode A / Mode B Options
  • Doubles as a PoE splitter when used in reverse - divide PoE power onto the 2.1mm DC barrel and data onto the LAN port
  • Compatible with 12-56v DC Power supply up to 60 watts (sold separately)

Product Specifications

Adapters included 2.1mm x 5.5mm Y-Cable
Data + PoE Ports 1
Data Ports 1
Data Rate Gigabit
DC connector 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Standard
Dimensions 1x1x4 in.
LEDs Per Port 1
Management Port None
Max. Amps Per Port 0.9A / 1.8A (With Y-Cable)
Mount Type Wall Mount
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
PoE Configurable Per Port No
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode A (-1,2 +3,6)/Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)
PoE Standard 802.3af
Weight 10oz


Ask a Question
  • will this split 48v out if powered from at cisco poe+ switch ?

    Yes, this injector can also serve as a splitter as long as you can manage the Cisco PoE+ switch to enable "always on" PoE. This device does not do the IEEE 802.3af or at negotiation, so it will not turn on the port by itself.  As long as the port is turned "on" at the switch the POE voltage that is being sent from the Cisco switch will be split off onto the 2.1mm DC barrel output and the data would be split to come out of the LAN port.  You will know which side has the power because an LED light will light up.

    Please note the polarity indicated on the device.  (+) indicates the center DC pin.  If the LED light is green, it matches that polarity.  If the LED light is red, it reverses the polarity.  

  • When using A mode, I understand you plug the power into the 12- 36+ side but do you still plug POE device into the POE port?

    When using this injector on Mode A, you will plug power into the 12-36+ power jack. You may then plug your RJ45 into the LAN port for data, and then you will get POE from the POE port. 48v of power will provide passive power and data for any IEEE 802.3at/af device on a Cat5 or 6 cable from the POE port to your device. Always check your datasheets to check the compatibility of your end device. 

  • Hello. is it possible to supply a Cisco (former Linksys) Smart Business Switch SLM2008 on Port 1? The question arises, becaus the WT-GPOE-1_AB is a passive injector and the SLM2008 is an compliant power device on Port 1. Furthermore I would like to receive aninformation about the requested voltage (48V probably) and / or Mode B (propably).

    When you combine the WT-GPOE-1-AB injector with a 48 volt or 56 volt power supply, it will act as an IEEE 802.3af compatible injector.  So far only IEEE 802.3at devices from Cisco require the autonegotiation from a "compliant" PSE, so this will work well.

    Since it is IEEE 802.3af, I suggest the WS-GPOE-1-48v15w.  You could also use our new one piece WT-GPOE-1A-48v15w or WT-GPOE-1B-48v15w.  IEEE 802.3af devices should be compatible with either Mode A or B, but you can find out more about Mode A/B here.

  • is this PoE good for a cisco ip phone?

    It is probably overkill - since you don't need high power for a Cisco phone. You will need a 48v power supply ( 15 watts is plenty). Also you did not mention the Cisco model number. Anything from Cisco newer than the 7940 or 7960 can be powered with this device. The WS-GPOE-1-48v15w includes the power supply you need.

  • Will this unit supply voltage to all 4 pairs at the same time?

    Yes - there are two DC inputs, one input for each of 2 pairs. With the included Y cable, you can power all 4 pairs from one power source.