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Product Specifications

Certifications UL/CE/FCC
Data + PoE Ports 16
Data Ports 16
Data Rate Gigabit
Dimensions 19 x 2 x 1.75 in.
Max Amps Per Kit 2.5 Amps
Max Power for Kit 120 Watts
Max. Amps Per Port 650 mA
Mount Type Rack
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
Output Voltage 48 volts
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode A (-1,2 +3,6)
Power Input 2.1mm DC x2
Power Supplies PS-48v120w


Ask a Question
  • Does the WS-GPOE-16A-48V120W come with a 24 volt power supply for passive PoE devices like Ubiquiti and Mikrotik?

    Great question!

    The WS-GPOE-16A-48v120w only comes with a 48 volt power supply.  We don't blend IEEE 802.3af and 24 Volt Passive PoE together on one injector in good part to prevent confusion.  You definitely don't want to accidentally power your Ubiquiti and Mikrotik devices with 48 volts.  So, we make it easy to have an IEEE 802.3af compatible (48 volt) injector on a 1U and a 24 volt Passive injector on a second 1U.  

    You can find all of our 24 devices here:

    However, if you only have one or two 24 volt Passive devices, then our IEEE 802.3af to 24 Volt Passive inline convert is the way for you to go:

    Finally, if you really need to get everything into one 1U, check out our WS-POES-1u rack mount for our PoE switches.  You can get one WS-GPOES-8-7-24v60w and one WS-GPOES-8-7-48v60w.  To avoid confusion, these have LED's to indicate what type of PoE they have on them.

  • What is the difference between WT-AT-16-48V120W and WS-GPOE-16A-48V120W?

    The GPOE-16A-48v120w is a passive PoE injector, so the power is always on. The WT-AT-16 is an active injector. Our active injectors will do an auto-negotiation with the end device to see if it accepts PoE.

  • How many 12 V cameras can you use on this? The IP cameras I’m looking at getting our 12 V can I plug all 12 V cameras into this and get power to all of them not sure I understand the 48 V part

    Great question! We are happy to get the make and model of your cameras to confirm specs for you.

    Since 12V isn't a voltage rated for POE (44-56V), your cameras might require a splitter. However, a lot of IP cameras that take 12VDC are also POE rated for power + data over an ethernet cable. The following video will go over 12V cameras rated for POE in more detail. If you'd like us to look at your cameras specifically, or have more questions, please feel free to reach us