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Product Specifications

Certifications UL/CE/FCC
Data + PoE Ports 8
Data Ports 8
Data Rate 10/100
Dimensions 6.375 x 1.625 x .875 in.
Input voltage 48 Volts
Max Amps Per Kit 1.25 A
Max Power for Kit 60 Watts
Max. Amps Per Port 1.25
Mount Type Wall
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
Output Voltage 48 volts
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)
Power Input 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC
Power Supplies PS-48v60w


Ask a Question
  • Can this be used to power Cisco IP phones?

    that's going to depend on what kind of Cisco IP phones you have. This kit meets the IEEE 802.3AF standard for PoE. IF you check on the Cisco Data sheet for you product it should specify which PoE Standard is required for the IP phone. Feel free to call us at 512-479-0317 ext 3 for assistance!

  • I need a POE injector that is 802.3at compliant that can power 16 devices with 30watts for each device.

    I would suggest the WT-AT-16 which is IEEE 802.3at compliant. To power 16 devices which draw 30 watts each, you will need a larger power supply than we sell. You will require something that can offer a minimum of 480 watts, I would recommend a MeanWell power supply that will provide 12.5 Amps of power or 600 available Watts to support all 16 devices. The injector has two 2.1 DC power inputs as well as two Phoenix Connectors (1840382). Feel free to contact our Expert tech support for custom solutions.

  • What does flashing power light on POE injector mean? This happens when I connect one particular camera to POE.

    that generally indicates that you are coming close to the maximum power output for the injector

  • Will this injector work for multiple Sercomm iCamera2 units? These units require 12V 1A (FCC ID: P27ICAMERA2)

    The Sercomm iCamera 2 takes 12 volts on an RJ45 cable. This injector kit will not work with your Sercomm iCamera2 as the voltage will be to high. I recommend you look at our WS-POE-8-12V60W which is the same injector with a 12 volt power supply. Please use our POE calculator to check for voltage loss, as 12 volts PoE cannot have cable runs as long as the traditional 44-57 volt PoE cable run can. 

  • If only one or two ports are used - does it always use 60w?

    60 watts is the maximum power available (the power "budget"). If you connect 6 devices that need 10 watts each, then they'll draw 60 watts. If you connect just one, it would only draw 10 watts.

  • IPcams usually take 12V, but this puts 48V through the cable. How is it converted?

    The label on the camera may say "12v, PoE". This means it uses 12 volt if powered from a "wall wart" plugged into an AC outlet and 48v when powered via the Ethernet cable. If the word PoE or 802.3af does not appear - then you need a splitter at the camera to extract the power from the ethernet cable for the camera. We have kits for that as well (see the WS-POE-12v-8x).

  • Can I connect just the PoE side (no data) for power only devices like IR illuminators, PoE floodlights, etc?

    Yes, the LAN connection is not required. This injector can be used to put power onto Cat5 cable. The injector will be mode B only (pins 4,5,7,8 for power). You will want to make sure 48 volts and mode B will be compatible with your IR and PoE lights. For more questions feel free to call us 512-479-0317.

  • Does this product compatible with Cisco IP Phone 8865 and 8945 with Camera? IF so, can I use only the POE port? I'm planning to use the LAN port using Cisco Router card port. Thanks!

    If you want to doe POE we recommend a Gigabit version (GPOE-8A-48V60W), however if your ONLY doing power POE-8-48V60W (100mbps) will work with Cisco 8800 and 8900 (require 1000mbps) series of phones.

  • I had a camera system with eight POE camera(Swann), and I want to extend the cable up to 150 meters with this kit, I wonder this product is going to work with my cameras?.

    This PoE injector delivers 48 volts of power 328 feet (100 meters) to your end device. 150 meters is greater than the recommended length for PoE (100 meters). Our PoE calculator is a great tool to use in order to see line loss at a certain distance.

  • I have Hik Vision cameras that are being connected to the NVR that has the built in PoE switch. 4 need to go further than the PoE allotment. I can put this piece in at about 300' and extend it 100-150' further correct?

    The ws-poe-8-48v60w will help extender power but not data at the distance you are placing the cameras. Data drops at 330ft so I would recommend our PT-GPOES-EX2005-Beta which will extend both power and data at 330ft for up to another 330ft.

  • I am looking for an 802.3AF injector that can run from a 12v off grid solar charged battery.

    For this application, please see our WS-POE-48V10W step up converter. 

  • Hi, I have a MacBookPro with a USB-C interface and I have an external hardware interface that supports PoE, I would like to be able to connect this interface directly to the Mac USB-C port. Do you have a product for that? What I want to make sure is that my USB-C can power my PoE device. With or without having the Mac connected with its power adaptor to the wall (batterie killer we know)

    PT-POE-USB-C-BETA is the current USB-C PoE splitter we offer. This unit accepts 24 volts Passive PoE input. See our blog for more information and feel free to email us . We are happy to help make a powered injector recommendation if requested.