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PoE Detector Tool


Quickly Identify PoE on Any Port

A must-have companion for any IT pro. This pocket-size PoE Detector indicates the type of PoE on a cable using bright, easy-to-see LED display lights. Quickly detect and identify IEEE 802.3af/at, 24 volt passive, and even reverse polarity Mode B for Cambium or Canopy. Ergonomically designed, the POE-Detector fits comfortably between two fingers while allowing for rapid cable testing on the RJ45 input. And no need to worry about battery life, the PoE Detector is powered by PoE,!

Product Features:

  • Quickly detect IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, 24 Volt Passive and Reverse Polarity Mode B
  • Ergonomic and small for easy carry and use - great for any IT professional
  • Bright LEDs with easy to read indicator chart located on the product
  • PoE Powered inline device - No batteries necessary
  • Product Specifications

    Connector Types Female RJ45
    Data Rate N/A
    Dimensions 2x1x0.75 in
    Mount Type Pocket size
    Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
    Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
    PoE Method Powered by PoE
    PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af, at, 24 Volt Passive, 48/56 Volt Passive, Reverse Mode B
    Power Input Not Required
    Weight 0.11 lb


    Ask a Question
    • Does this product display current?

      The PoE Detector isn't used in-line with a powered device, so you cab't use it to test current. If you need this function, please use our PoE Tester.

    • What does a red blinking LED mean?

      Red flashing indicates reverse polarity of 802.3af/802.3at. 

    • What does a flashing green for 8-12 and then flash blue signify?

      This is a very interesting reading as the detector is designed to show a solid green for passive (24volts) or solid blue for 802.3af/at passive. OR a flashing blue for active 802.3af/at. Please contact our technical support team so we can gather more information about your application. Thank you. 512-479-0317

    • Is there a way to tell 802.3af vs at with this device? ~Thanks!

      Since 802.3af and 802.3at are both Active PoE with voltages ranges 44-57, no you cannot tell the difference between 802.3af and 802.3at with this device. 

    • I expected this to have a consistent flash (more frequently) What causes this to flash is it the presence of voltage on certain pins?

      The flashing indicates Active (Auto-negotiated) power on either mode A (1,2-,3,6+) or mode B (4,5+,7,8-).

    • How much current does this device draw?

      This detector draws .05 watts. 

    • What does flashing green mean?

      Green flashing indicates an active negotiation. 

    • Is this device safe for 4-pair passive POE [(1,2+),(4,5+),(3,6-),(7,8-)]? Is there any indication between 2-pair passive (mode B) and 4-pair passive (mode rA&B) [common Ubiquiti passive POE]?

      This tool allows you to detect and identify IEEE 802.3af/at, 24 volt passive, and reverse polarity Mode B but not reverse polarity on Mode A. The detector should read passive 4-pair POE. It would show both mode A/B LED lights simultaneously.