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PoE Tester Tool


Rapid, Portable Inline Voltage and Current Tester for PoE Devices for Troubleshooting and Monitoring (Now updated to IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 90 watt PoE)

What does it do? Use the Gen2.5 to test PoE cameras, VOIP phones, and WiFi installations without interrupting data flow, quickly detect and identify PoE type, measure power consumption from DC power supplies, and activate any port on an AF/AT/BT PoE switch.

Product Features:

  • Smaller. simpler, and smarter. Those three words express the whole philosophy behind our redesign of the classic PoE Tester.

  • Ergonomic Body Design. A new curved body design that’s 25% smaller than the original PoE Tester makes the GEN2.5 easier to hold and use in every situation.

  • High-quality LCD Display. The new scrolling LCD displays more information at once and can be read in full daylight.

  • Simplified Operation. Thanks to automatic mode and polarity detection, the new GEN2.5 requires only one RJ45 input.

  • 802.3bt Support. 4-pair testing capability makes the GEN2.5 ready for the new IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 PoE standard.

  • Increased Testing Range. Measures DC power supply voltages from 3.5 to 56 volts and current up to 280 watts at 56 volts.

Quick Start Guide

Testing PoE

  1. Connect a PoE switch or injector to the RJ45 port on the “Power In” side
  2. Add a PoE powered device to the RJ45 on the “Power Out” side
  3. The readings will automatically display on the screen.

Testing DC Power Supplies

  1. Connect a DC power supply to the “DC Power In” to just measure voltage
  2. Use the jumper cable from “DC Power Out” to your device to measure the current draw as well

See the Online Technical Manual

Product Specifications

Data Rate 10/100/1000
DC Power Input 2.1 mm DC barrel
Dimensions 6.5x6x2 cm
Display Range (DC input) 3.5 to 57 volts, 0 to 5 Amps
Display Range (PoE input) 12 to 57 volts, 0 to 1500 mA
Display Type LCD
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10° to 60°C
PoE Method Passive (Simulated 802.3af)
PoE Standard 802.3af/at
PoE Standards Supported Passive, 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt
Power Input 2.1mm DC
Weight 0.06 kg


Ask a Question
  • If I have "Simulate PoE Device" set to OFF, and I connect a PoE PSE and a PoE PD, should the PSE power up the PD? This is not happening with the unit I have.

    Great question! With an active, or auto-negotiating PSE, the simulate toggle needs to be turned 'ON'. If it is 'OFF' the negotiation bewteen the PSE and the tester will not take place.

  • The manual states that "The display shows volts, amps, and watts for 802.3af, 802.3at, passive PoE, and DC power supplies when the tester is connected to a powered device, however the product description states bt is also supported. Does Gen2 have the capability to report of power, voltage, current and pass-thru mode testing for bt in addition to at/af?

    Yes, our PoE Tester Gen2 will support the 4-pair testing capability for the new IEEE 802.3bt PoE standard which is up to 90 watts.  Our 1st Generation PoE Tester will support the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at passive PoE.

  • What’s the DC input voltage for the 2.1mm plug?

    The PoE Tester Gen2 will display 3.5 to 57 volts and 0 to 5 Amps on the DC.  It will display 12 to 57 volts with 0 to 1500 mA on the PoE (RJ45).

  • Will this support 802.3bt PSE readings up to 90 watts over 4 pair?

    This PoE Tester Gen2 does support 4-pair readings to display Volts, Amps, and Watts of the new 802.3bt standard.

  • I'm assuming the tester runs off the POE voltage, if there's no battery, how would it handle a break in a wire? For example, how can I know "wires 1-3 good, wire 4 bad, wire 5-8 good"?

    Correct, this tester is powered through PoE on the RJ45 or from a direct power supply using the DC barrel connector. This tester is designed to measure voltage, amperage, and wattage and does not diagnose line readings. If there is a break in a wire used in line, the tester will not display a reading.