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What is a PoE Injector?

What is a PoE Injector?

This video talks about the POE injector and how it works. POE technology benefits our life, although there are still plenty of devices which not feature POE. We can simply add POE features to them with POE power injector. The right power injector will power up almost any device. There are three common specifications of power injectors, all define by the IEEE. We have 802.3 af, 802.3 at, and 802.3 bt, they provide different amount of power to the device, all depending on the initial handshake. Fast Cabling has three POE injectors, 30W, 60W, and 95W high power, also there is a outdoor injector which is waterproof. The end of this video will power a POE powered switch with a POE injector step by step, also showing the details of each port and what their purpose is. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post comment below. If you want to get more details about products in the video, please turn to:

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